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Smart Alarm Clock with Google Calendar and Raspberry PI

If you have a job which requires you to get up at a different time each morning it may be annoying to set your alarm everynight when you come home. Devon, a blogger from esologic.com, coded a python script which wakes you up everytime your Google Calendar contains a date named “wake”.

You might ask yourself:”What exactly is the advantage” towards a normal alarm clock or my mobile?” The advantage is that you can access your Google Calendar from every deivce I know! People organizing their days with Google Calendar will find it pretty comfortable to add the exact time to wake up to their Calendars because it gives them a better overview of the time available throughout the day.


  • Raspberry Pi 
  • Internet connection
  • Speaker connection
  • Google Calendar
  • Python Script

This is...

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Watch your Raspberry Pi’s health from everywhere with Ground Control

If you care a lot about your RasPi and run one or more exhausting processes for a few days you probably do not want to sit next to your RasPi all night long.

Ground Control offers you the chance to go downtown, sip a few beers and monitor your Raspberry Pi at the same time. Ground Control is a utility that monitors your Pi and pushes that data into the cloud so you can access it anywhere.

With Ground Control running on your Raspberry Pi, you can remotely check in to see health issues from CPU load to what services are on. Ground Control supports all kinds of external services, so you can add dashboards with something like Tempo DB. If you’ve been wanting to keep an eye on your Pi when it’s out of your hands, then Ground Control is a great option.

You can download the precompiled software...

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