CUDA on Raspberry Pi – Unleash the Beast

Bringing CUDA to the Raspberry Pi, Zillians unleashes the real power of the Pie. The low cost computer with a energy saving CPU and a powerful GPU seems to be the perfect platform for CUDA applications.

We provide the world’s first virtual GPU solution on ARM architecture to enable seamless CUDA application migration.

About Zillians
Zillians is the leading GPU cloud solution provider in Taiwan. Zillians products include GPU virtualization middleware and GPU-accelerated cloud computing platforms for both PC and mobile. Our mission is to help our customers deliver innovative and high performance cloud computing solutions. To learn more, visit

Zillians provides a Virtual GPU solution that emulates a V-GPU on the Raspberry Pi and makes it possible to seamlessly run native CUDA apps.

Based on previous V-GPU solution, which decouples the GPU computing resource from CPU, CUDA application can run without any modification on the emulated virtual GPU, which in turns dispatch the work to remote in a complete transparent manner. Simply put, it works like SAN (Storage-Area-Network) but is designed for GPU compute. V-GPU extends the client support from x86 workstation to miniaturized ARM boards with several performance and tool-chain optimizations. By combining the ARM cores and NVIDIA GPUs, university and lab can build CUDA development environment for every student at minimal cost. Data center can embrace ARM-based server architecture with minimal power consumption and flexible GPU computing resource.

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